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A problem with the newgrounds rating system

Posted by HunterComics - 7 days ago

Recently I have noticed a problem with the ratings system. That lots of us are guilty of(Including me). Basically I have seen most people who rate things 0 or 5 stars or rate a thing 0 stars as a joke. Now what is the issue with both of these so first of with people who rate stuff only 2 things the problem is that you really can't give the creator an impression on how good their content really is. Its either AMAZING OUTSTANDING or BLAM THIS NOW which is not good for multiple reasons. It can make the creator think their content is way better than anyone's and can feed an ego I haven't seen this happen though it could. Or that it won't help people improve and become better because they just say a joke in the comments without criticism. Which may be Hard for them to see what is wrong with my animation. Same thing happened to me I used to make bootleg sr pelo videos then I got in a long talk in the comments and realized how bad they where. I hope you see my point here. Now second off leaving 0 star reviews as a joke I saw this on an old ninja muffin game where someone made a joke and that's why he rated it zero stars. Which is pretty rude since it comes in the fact with the creator not knowing if their stuffs good or not and now they have 0 star reviews which do not help at all. I recommend trying to look more critical at submissions if its good or not most stuff on ng is around 4-4.5 stars since its not that bad just don't do these things. Anyways I just wanted to say something that I noticed and think is a problem.


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a necessary evil, even then it's not how most people use it

Honestly this game is quite atrocious. I dislike the lack of lyrics. Which is why i enjoy the fan-made lyrics more than the random noises the in-game characters make. I am very disappointed this game blew up. The internet is better than this.