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A rant about my sibling (vent)

Posted by HunterComics - June 16th, 2021

UUUUUGH okay so my sibling is legit one of the most toxic people I know. Listen since NG has been thrown into the main stream platforms again I must say this joking about your depression isn't funny nor cute i used to do this and they still always do rude shit like this. Listen i have had severe depression due to bullying I used to bruise myself just cause i had nothing else to hurt myself with and it fucking sucked and they are going through something similar right now but they keep acting like it is cute or funny to joke about (even though they mock other people for treating it like that) Another thing they do is do something bad then act like they didn't then when someone else does the same thing they instantly hate them with passion and won't acknowledge it ever. Humor if any one has a different sense of humor different than them they will mark it as "straight tik tok" even when its ironic yes they are a tik tok gremlin who makes videos of them dancing and expects all the money given to them they are so toxic they go honey in a bitchy sarcastic tone. They always use their depression to get their way okay so basically what they do is when they are losing in a argument is they say that they will kill them selves or you wouldn't care if I killed myself. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK suicide should never be used in a way like this. They have driven me to my driving point so I feel like I should talk about the negative effect they have on me. Okay I have many anger issues that at this point I feel like they use it to try and make me look like a horrible person now before i tell you what I said I was in a state of mind where any thing that will put them down will be better they pushed me off my limits I didn't filter what i say you can hate me from here on out because one time I did tell them to jump off a bridge i have already told you why I regret everything even seconds after it left my mouth I still feel horrible to this day and the keep making me do this they know I do and say stuff like this when I am angry and pretend I just didn't learn i have they just haven't learn sorry for venting you are the only people I have